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Concerned for Our Environment

No Water Vacuum System:  Older vacuum systems used vast amounts of water.  Our new, more efficient systems eliminates water usage.

Low Radiation X-Rays:  Our new Panorex machine reduces radiation by 70%.

No Mercury Fillings:  We use only composite fillings which are tooth colored, bond directly to your tooth, making it stronger and No Mercury!

Mercury Capture System:  Old fillings are sent for appropriate metal recycling.

No Needles:  Laser dentistry and specially formulated numbing agents reduce the need for injections.

Local Labs:  We have long standing relationships with our local dental labs.

Recycling:  An office wide recycling system collects all materials that qualifies.

Composting:  The staff bring in food scraps for a local farmer to feed to pigs.

Low Energy Lighting:  All lighting meets the highest Maryland standards.

Natural Light:  We added large windows in the treatment rooms to invite in the sun.

Natural Cleaning Agents:  Floors and windows are cleaned with simple ingrediants.

April Aire Humidifier:  Winter heating feels warmer with a little added humidity.

Local Staff:All staff live within 10 miles of the office.

Electronic Records:  Technology reduces paper and makes our lives easier.

Digital X-Rays:  Technology provides instant radiographs with chemicals.

Energy Efficient Appliances

New Patient Special

Even great smiles can come at a discount!

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