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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in straightening my smile, but I don’t want to wear metal braces. What are my options?

You’re in luck! Dr. Kenneth Film is happy to help patients achieve the beautiful orthodontic changes they’ve been dreaming of in a much more sophisticated manner with Six Month Smiles. Like its name implies, this treatment option creates results in a speedier timeframe than traditional orthodontics, and you’ll be amazed by how less noticeable it is. Please visit our Six Month Smiles page to learn more, or contact our Boonsboro office today to schedule a consultation.

I’m missing some of my teeth. What are my options to replace them?

At South Mountain Dental, we offer several methods for bringing back your complete smile. Dental implants are the clear frontrunner for many patients due to their valuable health benefits, natural appearance, and long lasting quality. Our Boonsboro office also offers dental bridges and dentures (specially designed with the Massad method), which others prefer due to their reliability and affordability. All smiles are unique, which is why there is no one procedure that we recommend for everyone. Instead, we ask that you come into our office for an initial appointment so that Dr. Film and his team can closely inspect the current state of your oral health and make recommendations for treatment based on your needs, preferences, and budget.

Should I be scared of root canal therapy?

Not at all! While root canal therapy has earned an unfair reputation over the years, the truth is that for most patients, it’s no more uncomfortable than receiving a common filling. Plus, its success rate is very high, and if cared for properly, severely damaged or decayed teeth treated with the procedure can go on to last for the rest of the patient’s life.

Do you offer any discounts or specials?

Definitely! Right now, new patients can get their initial exam, general cleaning, full set of X-rays, and treatment consultation for just $99! Contact our Boonsboro office today to set up your first appointment, and visit our specials page to see more valuable offers.

What if I don’t have insurance? 

No Insurance?  No Problem!  Take advantage of our in-house dental plan and realize up to 15% discounts on over 300 procedures including fillings, whitening, gum therapy, crowns and nightguards. 

I hate needles. 

Many patients are anxious about injections.  Dr. Film has a reputation for pain free dentistry, including that dreaded first injection.  His patients often comment that they didn’t feel a thing.  But to add to his patient’s care, Dr. Film now offers a short dose of nitrous (laughing gas) during the initial numbing.  Ask about our affordable sedation methods.

New Patient Special

Even great smiles can come at a discount!

Click here to learn more about our new patient special and other valuable deals we’re happy to offer.